Agency Referrals

The Light House continues to respond to the needs of those in the community and aims to offer affordable counselling to all. As a charity whilst some of our Counsellors are associates we still have running costs and staff salaries, training and overheads to pay and as such are unable to offer our services for free. 

Agency Referral Forms

In order for us to process referrals from other agencies we require you choose from one of the options below; Pay now or receive an invoice (the latter can take longer to process as we wait for the payment before offering any initial assessments), please fill in the details below using your preferred option.  Registration for an individual is £20 and for a couple £25. Counselling sessions are an hour long and charged at £45 per session. We usually invoice for 8 sessions and then review if further sessions are needed. Please note any sessions unattended by the client or cancelled with less than 48hrs notice are still charged.
*Please note, New fee structure will be implemented in January 2024.