This page contains a form to be used for enquiring about data held by us about you. you may make one of the following requests from here:

  1. Data access request – request to see all data held by us about you
  2. ‘Forget’ request – request for your data to be deleted
  3. Rectification request – if you know some of your data is incorrect you may request it to be corrected

We may take up to 28 days to process these requests and we will record the details of each request as a log. We reserve the right to refuse deletion or rectification of data if we consider this is in breach of our Privacy Policy. We also reserve the right to verify your identity, e.g. by contacting you by telephone, if we have that information, before processing these requests as clearly we would be in breach of our own policy if we released information to the wrong person. Please see the Light House Privacy Policy for more information.