Shining a light in the darkness

Couple Counselling

Our staff counsellors are fully trained and have many years experience of working with couples. As with individual counselling, The Light House offers a safe space for you to talk through any issues you may be experiencing in your relationship.

Individual Counselling

We offer individual counselling for anyone regardless of faith, ethnicity, gender or sexuality. The Light House is a safe place to discuss any issues no matter how big or small in a non-judgemental environment.

How many sessions?
We can offer you up to 8 counselling sessions initially, if further sessions are required this will be done in discussion with your counsellor and at the discretion of the agency. Counselling sessions can be weekly, fortnightly or as agreed with your counsellor. All our counsellors are members of a recognised professional body, e.g. ACC, BACP.

Initial assessment
All clients will have an Initial Assessment, this usually takes about an hour. The Initial Assessment session is free, however there is a registration fee (see below). The Initial Assessment is with a counsellor who will not necessarily be your counsellor for counselling. After the Initial Assessment there is a wait period while a suitable counsellor is allocated to you.


The Light House as a charitable organisation relies on donations to fund our work. These donations come from those who support our work on a regular basis and from any successful applications to Grant Making Trusts. The Light House is also dependent upon the income received through payments from our clients, without which we could not continue to provide a counselling service to all those in need of counselling help. This money also goes towards the general running costs of the charity.

Registration fees
To register for counselling with us, we have a registration fee of £20 for an individual and £25 for a couple, which is to cover our administration costs. This fee is payable upon registration and must be paid before your free Initial Assessment takes place. All clients who refer to The Light House for counselling require an Initial Assessment prior to commencing counselling, this assessment is FREE. The session usually lasts an hour.

Counselling session fees
We ask clients to pay for their sessions at a rate that is affordable to them and is based on their household income including any benefits and before tax. If you are able to pay more than your contribution rate suggests, this would be most welcome, and will go towards helping others who are not able to afford counselling. The majority of these fees are only part of what an individual session costs The Light House to provide 

When funds permit, all shortfall in contributions have to be met by The Light House Support Fund, a fund that relies on us receiving additional external donations and grants.

The fees will be discussed and agreed at your initial assessment appointment. For those who are on benefits, proof of benefits will be required.

The Light House is committed to providing a counselling service that is accessible to all, we understand that everyone’s circumstances are different, and you might feel that the contribution rate scale does not reflect what is affordable for you. If you believe there are exceptional circumstances we need to take into account, we will be happy to discuss this with you at your Initial Assessment.

Evening Sessions
We do provide a limited number of counselling sessions between 5pm and 7pm Monday to Friday. These are provided on a limited basis for those who are working and find it difficult to attend during the day. The fee for these sessions will be charged at the premium rate of £60.

Registration & Payment

If you are making a payment on behalf of someone else please make sure you state their name in the
‘more information’ box when you pay.

If you are making a referral from another agency please ring up to register and make payment or click
here to make an online referral

 *Please note: It may take up to 12 weeks after you have had your initial assessment to start counselling.

Counselling type
Full name/s (if this is for couple counselling please give both names)
Your full address/s inc postcode
Your contact tel number/s (if this is for couple counselling please give both names)
Your email/s (if this is for couple counselling please give both names)
How did you find out about us?
Do you have a mobility issue that would prevent you using stairs?
What is your preferred method for Initial Assessment

Our Clients say..........

My Counsellor really listened to what I had to say, I was amazed when they remembered every detail from one appointment to the next.

Counselling really helped me better understand myself and make positive changes. I now have more respect for myself, my time and my children.  

I now have steps and thought patterns to be able to cope with stress and loneliness.

Talking and opening up has helped me as I’m in a safe environment.

If you are struggling financially, please fill in ‘further information’ here so the agency manager can look at reducing the registration fee. We don’t wish to turn anyone away due to lack of finance. Click here