Counsellor Supervision is an important process for quality control and professional development for all counsellors, providing a structured process for clinical review of caseload and mentoring by senior counsellors to those not so experienced. Even those who are experienced value the Supervision process for providing additional clinical review, mentoring and advice about particular cases by their peers, and Supervision is a requirement for all professional counsellors as part of their ongoing professional recognition. The Light House has 4 Qualified Counselling Supervisors, with a mixture of types of experience and modalities, and as well as supervising our own Students and Qualified counsellors, we also offer Supervision services to a number of counselling/caring agencies across the West Midlands. Each Supervisee is required to sign a Supervision Agreement that details the charges, frequency of sessions and other terms and conditions of the arrangement. [There is a reduced charge for supervision of students in training.]

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